International Patients

We are leading Vascular surgery center in Hyderabad . We receive patients from across the world, including Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA.

We also provide services with international standards in the specialties of  Facial Plastic surgery,Maxillofacial surgery,Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthopedic surgery.

Avis Hospitals is built for the international patient:

Our key specialties are led by successful surgeons from across the world- with education and experience in USA, UK, and other countries. In addition, our doctors frequently travel abroad to do follow-ups, to speak at conferences and for helping develop the healthcare system for our partners across the world.


» Translators

» FREE pick-up and drop

» Money Exchange

» Hotel suite style patient rooms


» Visa Support and Travel Support

» Dedicated international patient coordinator who hand holds the patient through the entire process.


Our International Patient Coordinators include translators and other staff trained to make your stay comfortable.
They will help you with the following tasks:

  1. Schedule medical appointments
  2. Confirm airline reservations
  3. Help you with any visa related formalities
  4. Arrange transportation from the airport to the hospital
  5. Provide you with an early estimate of the cost of services
  6. Help with hospital admissions and follow-up doctor visits
  7. Makes sure that you are well-informed before taking a decision
  8. Arrange recreational activities for your family
  9. Help you acquire copies of medical reports/films after consultations/procedures are done
  10. Ease communication with Avis Hospitals doctors and translators
  11. You can also reach us on email for help related to visa or free second opinion by sending your medical reports to or
    You can also call us at (+91 8099885500 )