Did you know that three in every 100 people suffer from varicose veins at sometime in their lives. So what exactly is VARICOSE Veins?..
Varicose veins, additionally regarded as varicose or varicosities, appear when your veins emerge as enlarged, dilated, and overfilled with blood. Varicose veins are often painful and have a bluish-purple or red color. Often, varicose veins appear swollen and raised. All of these veins include one-way valves to make certain that the blood flows towards the heart. Failure of these valves allows blood to flow backwards down the veins and results in an overload of pressure when standing. This excess pressure leads to widening of the veins so that they do not close properly. Blood then flows back into the leg along these veins and causes varicose veins to develop. Raised pressure in these veins also encourages the development of spider veins and discolored areas which looks like bruises. It can be seen in both men and women. In fact the condition affects one out of two individuals over the age of 50 and 5% to 25% of all adults. Among women , multiple pregnancies can lead to venous insufficiency. Some of the other factors that lead to varicose veins are chronic heart valve conditions, which are usually congenital, Standing for long periods of time, Pressure on the midsection of the body, especially the abdomen and obesity which adds weight to the body and increases pressure on the legs. In some cases, you can have swelling, discoloration, or ulcers around your ankles, too.
The recommended treatment for Varicose Veins is laser ablation, which is performed as a day case. With the laser treatment, there is no fear of incision as it is done through a small needle and needs no general anesthesia. Under local anesthesia, a catheter is inserted into the veins through which laser or radio frequency is applied to seal it. With the closure of the abnormal vein, the surrounding veins gets relief and the normal blood flow resumes, The treatment offers rapid relief. Some patients are suggested compression stockings, but they offer only minimal comfort and just a temporary measure.
All patients undergoing laser ablation can resume activities on the same day and get back to work from the next day as Varicose veins can be cured permanently. So rather by suffering from aches and pains, one small procedure can bring a great relief.